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Accounting for about Rs500 crores in car sales each year, the used car market grows with each shiny new car delivered to dealership lots. Those dealerships know individuals are intimidated by selling their car privately, so they eagerly buy cars cheaply and sell them for a handsome profit. After all the time spent taking care of your vehicle, you're entitled to obtain the fairest price.

Following these automotive sales tips, you’ll have no need for the used car salesman look of the plaid blazer or the overly gelled hair.

Know your car

If you are the original owner of a vehicle, this task is simple: Indicating the accurate vehicle type, model, mileage, and option listings are important for attracting a savvy buyer. Attempt to collect some record of service history on the vehicle. A detailed vehicle history from an honest seller can result in a quick, positive sale.

Set the price

Having all the information, search out a price tag by visiting and other online sources. Keep in mind: Dealership prices for used cars are frequently higher than private sales.

After doing the research, assess the condition of your vehicle. Is the body free of scratches and dents? Is the interior free of stains? Items requiring maintenance in the near future may also be figured into the pricing decision. Finally, the location and climate may play a part in pricing. When you set a price that is reasonable for you, you could place a small cushion for buyer haggling.


Pick your marketplace

Advertising your car can be done cheaply. Many sellers have realized numerous websites as a way of advertising their cars for free. The major pluses online are that you get to describe your vehicle in great depth and quality photographs can be added. Many newspapers have also followed suit, allowing limited free advertisements. Last but not least, old-style car window signs are still effective. Display the signs prominently when you go shopping to attract some seeking eyes.

Wherever you choose to place your advertising, remember to include your contact information.

Present the car

Clean, shiny and rust-free body panels are the holy grail for any pre-owned car customer. In fact, good presentation can account for adding more than Rs25000/- to the sale price compared to a lesser-kept car.

When displaying your vehicle clean out all trash inside the car, remembering ashtrays, the glove box and other small compartments before vacuuming the interior. While inside, address the dashboard and trim by choosing an automotive cleaner with a glossy shine. In order to capture the buyer's sense of smell, use either a spray or an air freshener to steer minor odors.

For the exterior, correct any minor rust spots or body work that you can complete inexpensively. Next, you'll wash and wax the car through every reachable crevice, including the wheel rims and grille openings. Rather than eating up your afternoon, you may opt for a complete professional detailing. Although the Rs1000 to Rs2000 cost for a professional cleaning might seem steep, they have the capacity to give your car a far superior presentation, which could even rid stronger interior odors -- like cigarette smoke -- from a car.

Perfect your sales talk

This is the time for your inner salesperson to rise. Since your first interaction with a potential buyer will likely be over the phone, provide some additional information to sell the strong suits of the vehicle without exaggerating. If the buyer expresses an interest to see the vehicle, set up an appointment to meet. Apart from the vehicle's appearance, the seller's personal appearance counts (no need for your Sunday best, just something respectable). At the point before the buyer test drives the car, ask first for their driver's license and insist on going along for the test run. After the test drive, don't take it personally if the buyer requests that his own mechanic look over the car. Allow the potential buyer to do so at their own expense.

Make the deal

If you want to make the deal-making process short, the wording “firm” beside the sticker price might be your solution. However, the inflexible wording is likely to scare off some buyers. If you want to accept negotiations on price, don't feel pressured to take the buyer's first offer.
Remember: While you are trying to get top price, the buyer wants to score a good deal too. This is where the cushion you placed in the advertised price will work to both parties' benefit. Also consider adding perks, such as possible mechanical work to sweeten the deal.

Once the deal is made and the vehicle title is ready for transfer, place the terms (price, warranty, etc.) of sale in the written contract. Though this measure is often perceived as a benefit for the buyer, a written deal will clearly specify the vehicle you’ve sold. Finally, sign over the title and bid it farewell.
sold!Congratulations! You have just sold your car like a pro.

Finally, sign over the title and bid it farewell.

sold! Congratulations! You have just sold your car like a pro.