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1. Getting started
2. Short comments, Long comments
3. Contact details
4. Price
5. Photos

Welcome to's private listings. This page is intended to help you get the most from our service.

1. Getting started

Once you select your vehicle make, model,year and other details try to be as accurate as possible when completing optional parts of the form. This will give prospective buyers a clearer idea of what you're offering and save both you and them from wasting time.

2. Short Comments, Long Comments

You will be asked to provide two descriptions of your car in freeform text fields. The first is for 'short comments' which will appear in the search results, while the second allows you to provide a more comprehensive 'long comments' that will only appear when a prospective buyers calls up the full advertisement.

Short Comments:

Up to 100 characters (about 20 words). Put down the most important details, such as the fact the car is in excellent condition, just serviced, full service history, non-genuine extras and so on.

Long comments:

Up to 2000 characters (around 400 words). There is space here to give a truly detailed description of your car, but again, start by providing the most important information - information most likely
to influence the purchase decision.

In both cases, you have plenty of room, so try not to use newspaper-like abbreviations. Remember, a key reason buyers like using the internet is because they don't have to wadethrough meaningless or difficult to decipher abbreviations!

3. Contact details

When filling in your contact details, remember this simple rule, as used by the professionals: you may only get one chance to make the sale. That means the more difficult it is for a customer to contact you, the less likely they'll keep trying, so give them as many contact number as you feel comfortable with.

Phone numbers:

Put yourself in the position of thebuyer. Don't give them a contact number that will be answered by someone who has no idea about the ad. On the other hand, if you usually have your mobile phone with you - perfect!

4. Price

You know how much you want from your car, but do you know how realistic that price really is? Put an ad on the site with the wrong price and you'll either be inundated with calls because people can't believe the bargain (and you'll miss out on the price you should have obtained) or
you won't get a single call and you'll probably get mad with us! But help is a click away.

Run a search through our website for cars matching yours and see what everyone else is asking.

5. Photos

This may very well be the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of success. The professional car dealers who use our website have found that ads with just one photo of the specific car are almost 20 times more likely to get interest from a buyer than ads with no photos! It makes sense: as a buyer wouldn't you want to see a photo before investing more time in following up? So if you have a digital camera, use it. Here are a few tips for a better shot:

Photograph your car in even light. Sunlight will create glare and imprenetrable shadows, but a fairly bright overcast day will give excellent results.

Shoot the car from a ¾ angle, preferably the front right or left. This way people can see what the car really looks like. Also, shooting from adult eye height can enhance the look of the car. Don't use wide angle lenses though, they can make the car look truly odd!

Don't bother shooting on the highest quality with a megapixel camera. You only need a shot that's 550 X 400 pixels and around 40 kilobytes. We're going to compress your photo to this size anyway, so the quality will be better if you start from here.

You can use a scanner to scan a printed photo of your car too. These can be just as good as a digital shot, but remember to crop the pic and save it in the right size and resolution.

Finally, we only accept two file formats: jpeg and gif. These are the formats used by digital cameras anyway, and any graphics editing package should allow you to save any graphic file in one or both of these formats.

Please note that your vehicle will be uploaded to the website within 24 hours (during business hours) after you press the finish button.